Big Bazaar launches India’s First Augmented Reality Camera Game for Football Fans

The Incredible Logitech G Mouse Pad also works as a Wireless Charger

Samsung unveils Ultra-Wide 49-inch Curved QLED Gaming Monitor

Acer Predator Helios 300 Gaming laptop: A mid-range Gaming Powerhouse

LG G6 launched today at Mobile World Congress 2017 with 3D Video Rendering, 4K Display & Ultra Fast Wireless Charging

LG is holding its pre-Mobile World Congress briefing in Barcelona today to announce the G6 smartphone. In terms of design, the G5 wasn’t that well received among consumers, as its aluminum body didn’t really feel that good in the hand. [...]


MWC2015 is on the horizon, which means a whole avalanche of new product launches, but we’ll be getting an early present on February 25 courtesy of Motorola. The Lenovo-owned company has promised to hand-deliver mystery boxes to members of [...]

Android Lollipop – use your voice to toggle select settings for flashlight, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth from Google Now

Google Search and Google Now seem to be gaining new features every few weeks or so, and now it’s been discovered that Google Search has learned another new trick. Android 5.0 devices can now toggle Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and the flashlight can [...]

Samsung galaxy S6 expected to launch on 1st March 2015 – at Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona

After the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 the excitement towards the future generation Galaxy S smartphone is spreading like fire because Samsung hinted that they may use the flexible display for the first time in the smartphone. But since [...]

iPhone 7 release date rumours, new features and images – most awaited hot phone of the year

When is the new iPhone 7 coming out? What new features and design changes can we expect in the iPhone 7? And will it even be called the iPhone 7? The iPhone 7 is already a hot topic, even though the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have only [...]

OnePlus One – CyanogenMod update with lots of new features

As promised last week, OnePlus on Monday introduced a new update (CyanogenMod 11S release, 05Q) that focuses on improving the current software experience. No, this isn’t an update to Lollipop just yet, but it does lay the groundwork by tightening [...]