Samsung Galaxy S6 Concept – will it be a revolutionary smartphone???

The Samsung Galaxy S6 concept designs started to arrive right after the S5 model released, and it is clear some people feel certain features were left out of the current hardware and need to make their way to a 2015 upgrade. Considering we [...]

Samsung working on 7 inch tablet with foldable display – expected in 2015 ???

Samsung has been working on perfecting their flexible AMOLED displays for what seems like forever, and we’ve been yearning for the day that they introduce the technology in an actual mobile product. We know they’re working on an interesting [...]

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – expected to launch soon

Speculations on the release date and features of Samsung Galaxy Note 4 have gained momentum over the last few weeks after the launch of Galaxy S5. Now, a concept image of the phablet has suggested some interesting specifications of the device. Samsung Galaxy [...]

Samsung Galaxy S5 – the smartphone which you will love to use

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is the latest challenger from the South Korean brand to launch into an ever more crowded market, but at least this time the phone has focused on what users might actually want rather than useless gimmicks. The Galaxy [...]

Samsung has officially unveiled the Galaxy S5 globally set for April launch

Samsung SM-W750V with 1080p – first windows 8 base smartphone – can we expect in year 2014???

At the moment, Nokia is the only manufacturer that’s selling Windows Phone handsets with 1080p displays. Of course, Nokia has pretty much remained the only manufacturer that sells WP devices regardless of their features. But Samsung, which [...]

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Galaxy Band expected to launch at Mobile World Congress

More news about Samsung devices have been hovering over the Internet lately, especially with the upcoming Galaxy S5. According to recent reports, Samsung’s new smart watch, Galaxy Gear 2, will arrive early next year with the Galaxy S5. Latest [...]

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 – leaked – found on FCC site

SAMSUNG GALAXY CORE ADVANCE – launching JANUARY 2014, 2nd week

SAMSUNG Galaxy S5 – begins mass production – looking to rock 2014

As we are approaching the end of 2013, Samsung’s alleged 2014 flagship smartphone; the Galaxy S5 is hitting the rumour mill on a regular basis. The latest buzz about Samsung’s next flagship reveals that it would sport a 5.25-inch [...]