Microsoft unveils new Surface laptop with 13.5-inch display, Windows 10 S OS and 14.5 hours long-lasting battery life

Quad-core Android PC insight mechanical keyboard – called the oneBoard Pro+

Most hardcore PC enthusiasts love a nice mechanical keyboard. Whether its for gaming or fast typing, it’s hard not to enjoy the feel of some nice switches. A company called Acooo has just launched a new mechanical keyboard with a quad-core [...]


Windows 10 is shaping up to be the upgrade that many users were hoping for from Windows 8. Not only does it more cleverly integrate the new touchscreen-centric features with the traditional desktop ones, but it also brings a whole host of [...]

Nokia soon to launch dual-sim lumia 630 mid range smartphone in INDIA

Upping its ante in the fiercely competitive Indian smartphone market, Microsoft is all set to launch its dual-SIM smartphone – Lumia 630 – that will take head-on likes of Moto G, HTC Desire and Samsung’s Duos. Two weeks into [...]

New Microsoft Lumia Smartphone – Rumored as “Superman”

Microsoft completed their take over of Nokia’s mobile services division last week, the company now owns the Lumia brand, and it would appear that we may have some details on the first Microsoft Lumia smartphone. According to a recent report [...]

Smartphone 100% battery charges in 30 seconds with StoreDot’s Bio-Organic Battery

Phone makers have increased battery capacities over the last few years, but the rise of Full HD displays and other power hungry components means that battery life is still a daily concern for most of us. If you can’t increase battery capacity, [...]

LG’s new Pocket Photo 2 printer – now printing is easy task with this innovative product

LG PD239, a smart mobile Photo printer is the successor of the LG PD233 photo printer and it is more compact then the previous version , also it gives you the better performance as compared to the previous printer. It is just 20mm thick, that [...]

How to improve battery life of your smartphone

now the world is of all smartphone users from lower range to higher range, but everyone of us are facing a problem of battery life in our smart phone. so there must be some solutions for this, we can even download some battery management software [...]


NEW DELHI: Microsoft will launch low-cost Windows tablets in the coming months, specifically made for consumers in India. The tablets, which could sell for as low as Rs 10,000, will help Microsoft achieve price parity withAndroid devices [...]

Innovative LED keyboard with inbuilt you-tube video player – don’t you think to buy one for your self???

Now the current world is world of technology, people can live without food but living without computer, mobile, internet or simply we can say living without technology is much more difficult aspect of our life. many out of us are working on [...]