Apple iPad Pro 2018 is Powerful & Smarter Tablet for Professionals

Apple’s iPad Pro series, believed to be the company’s first real answer to Microsoft’s Surface line of devices, is a worthy rival even though it does not run desktop software, which the Surface does. The iPad Pro 2018 includes some integral features of Apple’s newest iPhones to make it more useful and appealing.

iOS 12 brings iPhone XS-like gestures to the iPad and lets users multitask with up to two apps at once.

Face ID Recognition

The new iPad Pro 2018 doesn’t have a home button anymore because Face ID (Apple’s biometric facial recognition technology) is the only way to unlock the smarrter tablet now. It has become very popular and useful here as it is on iPhones. Face ID notifies the user that he or she has to look at the front camera. The FaceID system on this one can detect faces in any orientation.

New screen

The new iPad Pro also get similar Liquid Retina display that Apple recently introduced on the iPhone XR. The 2018 iPad Pro gets a Liquid Retina 120Hz ProMotion LCD display with narrow bezels and curved corners. Apple uses the same pixel masking techniques they used on the iPhone XR. Hence, the iPad Pro’s screen feels slightly warmer and colours are noticeably more vibrant than older iPads. Combined with Apple’s True Tone technology, which tries best to match the screen’s colour temperature with ambient lighting, this may be the best screen currently you can find on any tablet today.

Better Performance

It is really for the people who love portable device that can run fully featured photos or video-editing software can optimise the use of iPad Pro’s speed. In keeping with the new iPad Pro’s claim of “console-quality” graphics, the tablet actually renders shadows, difference in lighting, etc., in a manner comparable to a gaming laptop. The company’s new neural engine (that tunes Apple’s Artificial Intelligence features) is also fitted inside the iPad Pro. Besides, the iPad Pro has the hardware to handle augmented reality and virtual reality implementations. The A12X Bionic has been tuned for accelerating augmented reality apps, making for novel in-depth experiences.


If you’re using it only for word processing, the iPad Pro can rival almost any laptop or tablet. It charges through a USB Type-C port now, another change Apple made in this year’s variant.


You still have to buy one separately, though Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio serves both as a case and keyboard for the iPad Pro. It attaches seamlessly to the tablet through magnets and draws power wirelessly from the iPad Pro.

Apple Pencil

The 2018 edition is more likely the same as before, but it clips magnetically to the top of the iPad Pro now, charging wirelessly when it is attached. It retains the pressure sensitivity as before. The Pencil also has a double tap feature now that developers can make use of to add shortcuts to apps. For example, in Apple’s own Notes app, double tapping the Pencil puts it in eraser mode.

Inbuilt Professional Softwares

The iPad Pro will also be able to run the full version of Adobe Photoshop and AutoCAD. These apps have been optimised for the iPad Pro to take advantage of the touch screen interface.

The new iPad Pro is well suited for professionals who need this kind of power and utility, and would be a excellent portable tool for the creative community.

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