Are you looking for new OS for your android device – then here comes JOLLA SAILFISH OS, and magic is you can still use all android apps with this OS – coming soon for all android devices


Jolla is powered by Sailfish OS, a truly open and distinct mobile operating system. Navigate effortlessly with the gesture-based user interface and load the phone with top Android™ apps.

One of the things that Android is known for is its community of hackers and tinkerers. Those users are the ones that are constantly tweaking the look of their phone by doing things like adding a new boot animation, using third-party launchers and lock screens or even installing a custom ROM. Soon the members of that group may have an entirely new operating system to play with, as Jolla CEO Tomi Pienimäki has revealed that his company is planning to make its new Sailfish OS available to install on existing Android hardware.

The option isn’t yet available, but it’s currently being worked on as has been confirmed by the company’s CEO Tomi Pienimäki. In an interview with a Finnish website Mr. Pienimäki stated the following:

”That is the plan. We are on device business and OS business. It is fairly easy to install the OS on Android devices”

”There is no such culture in these parts of the world [Finland], but there are people that are installing new operating systems on their devices. In China it is mainstream. About half of the smartphone buyers are upgrading their older or cheaper devices with a better version of Android.”

“For us it is a possibility to distribute our operating system especially in China. There are websites that already distribute [OS] software and the Chinese customers are doing it ¬so we don’t have to teach them. We just have to get Sailfish to those websites – and to make sure that Sailfish will run on different kind of Android devices.”


The Jolla CEO also confirmed that the company has no intention of trying to bring in cash by selling the OS itself. Instead the team consisting of former Nokia employees will rely on applications, services and advertising to monetize their efforts. This means that wider reach is key for Jolla and giving people the option to switch from Android without spending a dime certainly seems like the right thing to do.



official video from jolla


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