BBM for android and for iOS finally launched – dont miss to download – see how to use it and avoid waiting



Good news for iOS and Android users, as BlackBerry has just announced it has resumed the rollout of BlackBerry Messenger for both platforms.

According to BlackBerry, iOS users can now download the application for free via App Store, while Android users can get it via Google Play Store.


Keep in mind that BlackBerry will roll out both applications in stages, which means it will be released globally over the next few hours.

If you don’t see BBM for Android on Google Play Store yet don’t fret, as it will become available later on, if nothing bad happens.

The initial release date of BBM for Android and iPhone devices came and went. The company claimed that earlier leaked versions of the app had caused internal problems, which resulted in the delay. A month after the original launch date, BlackBerry on Monday announced the availability of BBM in the Google Play store and Apple’s App Store.
The messaging app can also be found in select Samsung App Stores and by visiting BBM.com from your smartphone’s Web browser.
To ensure that its servers can handle the influx of new users, BlackBerry has created a wait list for those interested in signing up for a BBM account. Individuals who registered on BlackBerry’s Web site earlier this month won’t be required to wait in line and can begin using the app immediately.

Simply enter the same e-mail address you registered with, click Next, and select “I got the email.” If you didn’t preregister, you can enter your e-mail address and wait for an invite from BlackBerry.
There is another way, however.
The company’s wait list can actually be bypassed after downloading the app on either your Android or iOS device. Open the app, enter your e-mail address, click Next, and then force-close it.
This can be done on iOS by double-clicking the home button and swiping the app away. On Android, enter the multitasking menu and swipe the app away, or go to Settings, Apps, BBM, and click Force Close. After relaunching the app you should have the power to create an account, which will assign you a unique PIN, and to begin inviting friends.


how to use it Рwho got it successfully downloaded and verified.

Getting Started

First things first – you’ll need an Android device to install BBM.

Head to the Google Play Store and download BBM (free) to your device https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bbm.

Once installed, tap on the icon to start the BBM service.

If you’re already a BBM user and want to use your current BBID, enter your login details on the screen. If you’re new to BBM or want to use a different BBID, you can register here as well.
Adding Contacts

Tap the overflow icon (3 dots)

Tap Invite to BBM

Choose the method by which to invite a contact

Enter any info as needed.

When the contact accepts your request they will be added to your contact list

Sending Messages

To start a new chat, tap the BBM icon in the top right corner (the one with the + sign)

Search for or choose a contact from the list

Tap the contact, enter your message and choose Send

Multiperson Chat

To start a multiperson chat with more than one contact, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then tap Start Multiperson Chat

Enter the contacts to which you want to send your message

Enter you message and tap Send


To access the settings menu, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then choose Settings

Here you can change things such as notification tone, contact list layout, update options, chat history and more

Broadcast Message

To send a broadcast message to all of your contacts, tap the overflow icon (3 dots) then choose Broadcast Message.

Enter your message and tap Send.
Quick Tips

To quickly view your contacts list, tap the Contacts icon

To quickly view groups tap the Groups icon

The BBM service will stay running in the background of your device. You’ll see a small BBM icon in your notification bar so you know that the service is active and ready to send or receive messages.


BBM-For-iPhone-_-Screenshot Leaked-Screenshots-of-Blackberry-Messenger-BBM-for-Android

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