Chainless electric bicycle can be fold up to fit under your desk – new age of innovation


A new brand of electric bike is about to hit the market, offering a full-sized stylish frame that folds into thirds and is light enough to carry with you.

Bicycles can be the perfect vehicle for daily commutes and running errands, and when combined with an electric assist feature, could be just what’s needed to get more people in the saddle and out of the driver’s seat. But for those who also use public transportation for part of the journey, and may not have secure bike parking nearby, a full-sized bike (electric or otherwise) can pose a few logistical issues along the way, which may keep some people from riding them.

This electric bike features a 20 mile range (in assisted-pedaling mode), a top speed of about 15 MPH, and can fully recharge in about two hours from a standard outlet. The JiveBike can also be manually pedaled, so a dead battery won’t leave you stranded, or used in fully-electric mode for a low-effort commute. Riders can mount their smartphone on the handlebar and sync it with the JiveBike via Bluetooth, either for use with the accompanying app for keeping an eye on the charge level of the battery to see the estimated range they can expect, or to use a map app for directions.

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