color-blind glasses – let the colour blind see far more like a person with perfect vision.


Experience the World in Color with Colorblind Corrective Glasses

Having a color deficiency can greatly impact your ability to function on a daily basis. Whether it’s preventing you from advancing your career, making it difficult for your child to learn, or restricting your enjoyment of everyday activities, Dr. Azman’s ColorCorrection System™ can help.

This innovative system uses filters to change the wavelength of each color that goes into your eyes. These filters are uniquely designed for each individual, and can be worn as color corrective contact lenses or colorblind corrective glasses.

The process for getting colorblind glasses is both easy and painless. With the ColorCorrection System™, your filters are simply inserted into a pair of glasses. It’s a systematic approach to curing colorblindness, and it is customized to meet your needs.

Prior to this procedure, you will receive a color vision evaluation and exam that takes roughly four to six hours. That means in just one afternoon you can find out if you are a good candidate for colorblind glasses that will open your eyes in new and exciting ways.

To get more information or request a consultation, contact Dr. Azman’s Color Visions Specialists by phone or by filling out our secure online form.

The Benefits of Getting Colorblind Corrective Glasses

Dr. Azman offers the world’s only colorblindness cure. By providing glasses for the colorblind, he allows his patients to experience life in vivid, breathtaking color like never before.

Colorblind glasses benefit adults, teens and children in a variety of ways, including:

  • Allowing professionals to pass the Ishihara Color Plate Test.
  • Reducing academic challenges associated with colorblindness
  • Improving the quality of sports and other recreational activities
  • Enhancing the enjoyment of the arts, media and environment as a whole

Colorblind corrective glasses allow you to pursue your passion while breaking through the boundaries that used to exist because your color deficiency.

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