Dead Trigger 2 – one of the best android game – brings 4 new weapons, new environment and a zombie


Last year’s Dead Trigger was quite a decent game. The gameplay was fun for most parts and the graphics looked amazing for that time, or even by today’s standards, for that matter. However, the experience was sullied due to overzealous in-app purchase options that a lot of people took offense to, especially since the game was paid. Eventually the game went free, so then there were fewer reasons to complain.

Dead Trigger 2 has remained near the top of the game charts on Android since its release a couple of months ago, and the developers continue to update it regularly. The last updatefocused on balance issues, but this one adds the most content yet, most notably the new China environment. This addition includes new Story and Warfare missions and extra challenges, plus Google Play Games achievements.


Just like its predecessor, Dead Trigger 2 is a first person survival horror game. You’re still killing zombies but instead of playing random missions the new game now has some semblance of a story and a career mode of sorts where instead of showing a bunch of missions on a map you go progressively from one location to another. There are some other events on a map that you can attempt but they are optional and can be played for additional cash.





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