Did you know you can measure Taj Mahal or any Real life Object with help of Google Earth?

Did you know you can measure Taj Mahal or any Real life Object with help of Google Earth?

What is the Height of Taj Mahal? Measure it with Google Earth

After Apple unveiled its ‘Measure’ Augmented Reality (AR) utility tool at the current year’s WWDC it is currently time for Google to exhibit its own special ‘Measure’ device. Be that as it may, there is a colossal contrast between the ‘Measure’ tool of Apple and Google. While the Apple’s measure device utilizes the camera and Augmented Reality to compute the measurements of real life objects, Google’s one will enable you to get the exact correct dimensions of distances and area size of a specific place.

In this way, on the off chance that you are thinking about how enormous the Taj Mahal is or how far is Amsterdam from your home, at that point Google’s measure device will help you right away. Google has included the ‘Measure’ tool as a component of its Google Earth platform on both Chrome and Android. Google will likewise present its ‘Measure’ tool for the Google Earth on iOS too sooner rather than later.

Things being what they are, how to utilize the measure tool on Google Earth application?

*Download the Google Earth application first

*Search for the area or zone you need to gauge the distance or perimeter.

*Click on the three specks (adjusted vertically) on the upper right hand corner and tap on ‘Measure’.

*Tap on “Add point” for selecting the first point and then search for the second point to Add that too. The app will immediately show the distance between the two points.

Is there any practical use for the application?

The Google Earth Measure tool can shockingly come helpful once in a while. For instance, while looking for another home, you can get the size of the park near your house or the distance from the main road or market. This tool can also be used for mathematics quizzes and more.
In case, if you are wonder where do you mostly spend your time then Google Maps can help you. Google Maps has a history of your total movements every single day like from which place to which you had traveled. Heading over to Maps, you have an option of Timeline. Here, Google Maps shows you the places you’ve been and the routes you’ve taken. It also makes sure that you can update or delete data that Maps may have captured wrong.

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