Finger Reader gadget for Blind people – now they can see trough finger


Finger Reader is a fine example of how visually impaired can be more independent in places like a grocery store or shops. The reader is a combination of a finger device and Bluetooth Headset, where the finger-pointer scans products for barcodes and relays the product information to earpiece as audio instructions. Info like product description, price, ingredients, nutrition etc. is easily accessible. I think it will be a good aid!

FingerReader is the name of a wearable gadget that could help visually impaired people read printed text in books and even on electronic devices, thus opening up additional possibilities to them.  FingerReader wants to help the blind access more resources than what’s already available in Braille format. TechCrunch reports that, according to a recent study from the Royal National Institute of the Blind in Britain cited by one of the researchers, in 2011 only 7% of books are available in large print, unabridged audio, and Braille.

Currently in prototype phase, the FingerReader is essentially a ring that you can use to follow a line of text in a book or on a screen. Thanks to the built-in camera, the gadget can detect 12-point text, which can then be read aloud by the device. The gadget is smart enough to recognize when the reader deviates from the line of text and offer feedback to adjust hand movement, and it knows when the end of the line is reached. One feature the MIT researchers do not explain is how readers will move seamlessly from one line of text in a book to the next, given that their visual impairment may prevent them from actually seeing the text.

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