Google Fiber – super fast internet with 1000mbps and 4K capable, launched in 4 cities

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The massively powerful internet connectivity offered by Google Fiber is a 4K UHD media lover’s dream internet service. Since the connection speeds offered by Fiber easily approach and sometimes surpass 1000Mbps (1 gigabit), they’re more than capable of handling even the most heavy duty connectivity needs.

Thus, Fiber can handle even the most heavy-duty streaming media burdens. This of course means that the 4K ultra HD streaming media which is growing steadily more prevalent among a widening list of online content providers fits the bill perfectly and to those who get to enjoy the gigabit service of fiber, streaming the latest shows and movies from Amazon, Netflix or any of the other providers entering this market will be trivially easy.

Google just recently announced its latest expansion of Fiber and according to the details of the company’s news release, the Google Fiber ultra high-speed internet will now be coming to Atlanta, Nashville, Charlotte, Raleigh-Durham and hitting 18 different municipalities inside these four larger metro areas. This means several million potential new customers for the gigabit internet of Fiber.

Bringing Google Fiber to these cities is a long-term investment. We’ve been working closely with city leaders over the past year on a joint planning process to get their communities ready for Google Fiber—and now the really hard work begins. Our next step is to work with cities to create a detailed map of where we can put our thousands of miles of fiber, using existing infrastructure such as utility poles and underground conduit, and making sure to avoid things like gas and water lines. Then a team of surveyors and engineers will hit the streets to fill in missing details. Once we’re done designing the network (which we expect to wrap up in a few months), we’ll start construction.



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