HP launches 3D Colour Printers, Prices Start at ₹2.5 Crore

HP launches 3D Colour Printers, Prices Start at ₹2.5 Crore

HP, one of the most famous and reliable printer company in the world, has finally decided to embrace the third dimension world.

Two years after launching its own 3D Printers, Technology giant Hewlett Packard today at last propelled its 3D printing arrangement in India as well. The costs are just starting from Rs 2.5 crore, to target demanding sectors like manufacturing, education and defence.

3D printing is often used and required to create a 3-dimensional object in which layers of materials are formed with computers controlling the process.

HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing Solution will be accessible in India principally through the organization’s authorized dealers and partners. It has signed up Imaginarium and Adroitec as the first third party sellers resellers of its 3D printers for India.

As of now, the printers utilize plastic as primary raw material. In any case, HP has declared its aim to utilize metal and colours for the 3D printers in future.

“Industry 4.0 is being impacted by a range of technologies — Internet of Things, Cloud etc. The launch of our 3D printers in India comes at a time when the government is pushing manufacturing in India and we see a lot of potential for our printers,” HP India Managing Director Sumeer Chandra told PTI.

HP launches 3D Colour Printers, Prices Start at ₹2.5 Crore

He added that the product would be speciallt targeted at sectors like manufacturing, defence, healthcare, education and product laboratories as well as service stations that provide printing as a service.

The sticker price of Rs 2.50 crore incorporates pre and post processing unit and installations, the 3D printer and starting consumables. It likewise incorporates 3-year maintenance and service contract.

Chandra clarified that utilizing 3D printing, making models is quicker and intensely evaluated with current alternatives.

He included that these 3D printers likewise consider better customisation.

As indicated by industry reports, the worldwide 3D printing market is relied upon to be worth over USD 32 billion by 2023, developing at a CAGR of over 25% between 2017 and 2023.

The reports credit the development to factors like simplicity of advancement of modified items, capacity to decrease general assembling expenses, and government interests in the 3D printing ventures for the improvement and organization of the innovation.

According to a 6Wresearch, the Indian 3D printer market is required to cross USD 79 million by 2021, with automotive industrial applications accounting for the biggest chunk of business.

It has been quite a while that HP, creator of World’s greatest printer, has been prodding the tech lovers with its 3D printer gets ready for at some point. As of late, amid a 3D printing meeting held in the New York City, the organization had exhibited how a plastic chain it had imprinted on its model 3D printing machine was sufficiently solid to lift a car.

At present, HP is likewise in middle of testing printing machines that can likewise print coordinated circuits. It has really done likewise chain test, however this time with implanted circuits imprinted in that obviously demonstrated the strain and stress that the chain was suffering.

In 2016, we scanned a Mumbai based startup called MaherSoft that manufactures Industrial and customer review 3D Printers in India accessible at cost of about Rs.75,000, which is far less expensive than 3D Printers by HP.

All the more such new companies are in India that construct and offer 3D Printers for prototyping reason accessible for much moderate rates, for example, Pramaan and Brahma3. These printers are anyway not for business or extensive scale mechanical reason like ones by HP and Mahersoft.

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