LG will launch its 4G phone G2 in INDIA at cheaper and affordable price


At its Tech-Show in Greater Noida , LG has announced the launch of 4G LTE enabled version of its recent flagship smartphone LG G2. The 4G LTE enabled version of LG G2 will be available in two weeks at a price of Rs. 46,000 for 16GB variant and Rs. 49,000 for 32GB variant.

currently, 4G network is available in Bangalore and Kolkatta. But, this technology is catching-up in India and it is exptected that by the end of this year, more and more markets of India will have 4G connectivity and only then the sale of 4G enabled devices will increase accordingly.

LTE offers higher internet browsing speeds compared with third-generation technology. Consumers opting for LTE smartphones will be able to use high-speed internet services on the go. Bharti Airtel recently launched this service in Bangalore. Apart from the iPhone 5S and 5C models, which cost .`41,000 upwards, no other handset in India supports LTE.

The company, which has a large share in India’s flat-panel television and refrigerator markets, will aim to reach a 10% market share in the smartphone segment by the end of this year from the present level of under 5%. The Indian unit plans to spend Rs500 crore on marketing this year.

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