Mellowcabs – efficient transportation with a free ride made with recycled material – an innovative product from south africa


Globally, urban problems such as traffic congestion, poor public transport integration, and carbon emissions are forcing us to rethink traditional means of transport.

Mellowcabs are electric vehicles that provide first and last mile, public transport in urban areas.  This means, that we are able to ‘fill the gap’ for commuters that need micro transport within a 3 km radius.

This could be the distance between a train or bus stop to your office or home, the parking lot to a stadium, a conference centre to a hotel or a student res to the university.

Mellowcabs revenue model is based on advertising, and to a lesser extent passenger fares, which has proven to be quite lucrative.

Mellowcabs offer cutting edge technologies such as:

Regenerative braking,

Hydrogen fuel cells,

Human powered charging,

Illuminated body panels,

And on-board tablet computers

We have designed a  driver-ownership plan, meaning we are not only creating jobs, but empowering our drivers.

Mellowcabs are the only vehicles of their kind that hold a full international road worthy status.  They are manufactured in South Africa from recycled materials.

What is Mellowcabs?

  • Mellowcabs offers a high quality electrically-assisted bicycle taxi (pedicab) system that delivers fast, comfortable, and cost-effective urban mobility through the provision of eco-friendly, rapid and frequent operations, and excellence in marketing and customer service.
  • Mellowcabs will be fully integrated with other transport networks. Mellowcabs will not compete with other transport systems such as trains, buses or taxi’s.
  • Zero-emission vehicle technologies, with a shell made from recycled plastic.
  • Mellowcabs operate in a limited radius, and doesn’t interfere with taxi operations.
  • Provisions of services for people with disabilities, such as children, the elderly, and the disabled
  • Provision of urban transport, which will feed into and complement existing networks to ensure the most effective movement of people within cities.
  • Mellowcabs will have a sustainable job creation effect, offering employment to skilled and un-skilled workers.
  • Mellowcabs has several empowerment initiatives.


Why Mellowcabs was set up – South African transport challenges

Despite the growth in car use, public transport and walking are still the predominant “lifeline” forms of mobility for the vast majority of South Africans in order to access work, schools and services. According to the National Household Travel Survey (NHTS 2003):

38 million citizens live in households with NO access to a car.

40 million citizens do not have a driver’s licence.

14 million learners walk to school, 7 million workers and learners use public transport.

13.7 million Citizens used public transport at least once a week & 7 million citizens used a car.


Mellowcab’s services are offered at no cost to the site/precinct or the consumer;

.  A ride in a Mellowcab is totally free to the passenger.

.  Our vision is to create environmentally friendly micro-transport solutions for the South African market over the medium term;

.  Pedicabs have been successfully operating in Europe, North America, Asia and Australasia for a significant period of time and are safe vehicles that comply with traffic regulations in South Africa;

.  We are passionate about empowering our people and our business will create end develop skilled jobs amongst other initiatives.

mellowcabs-come-along-for-the-ride-2 mellowcabs-routes

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