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You cannot get a perfect user interface with any smartphone or tablet unless you got a good PC suite tool installed on your computer too. Switching to Android years ago was a great move on my part but there is one thing I always miss in Android, and that is the lack of a PC Companion that is rich in functionality and helps in performing various tasks like managing contacts, sending messages, installing apps from the market and also individual APKs, managing media files,backing up and restoring data etc.

I own various Android devices from different OEMs but none of them offer so much to make you say— “Ah, this is truly awesome PC tool for my phone!” Whether it be Samsung Kies,HTC Sync Manager or Sony PC Companion, all lack in features that allow you manage your Android device in a satisfactory way.

It was just by chance that I came to know about the existence of a really good tool for Android devices through an advertisement on a site. While downloading this tool, I just thought it might be just another malware and unwanted extension injector for computers but after installing it, all I could say was “WOW”!

Mobogenie Android Manager is an all-in-one tool for Android devices that can do almost anything you might expect from a useful PC companion for your smartphone or tablet device. It’s very lightweight utility (only about 20 MBs) as compared to those bulky PC Suits you might be using.

User interface

It sports a user-friendly interface that is fluid and easy to navigate. On the homescreen, you will find the relevant options under “Tools you may like” and “Mobile phone management”. Under the former, you will find options to manage SD card, take backup, restore and install apk; while under the latter you will find the options that will help you manage your contacts, SMS, apps, music, pictures and videos. At the bottom of the screen, you will find horizontal bars that will provide you the storage details. It will show you the amount of space in use on the internal storage as well as on the SD card. It has coloured markers to indicate the space occupied by apps, videos, music, pictures, etc. At the top, you will find additional options like showcase, apps, games, ringtones, wallpapers and YouTube.

Features and performance

Managing the data on your Android phone becomes easy with Mobogenie. The installation is pretty straightforward. To use the app, you will have to connect the phone with the computer using the USB cable and keep the USB debugging option on. After it detects your device, you will see the live preview of your phone on the left side of the homescreen. However, there is considerable lag and you can’t control it either, i.e., it won’t allow you to take screen shots etc. All the other features offered by the program are listed here.


Clicking on the Manage SD Card will let you explore your memory card. Then you have the backup and restore option. You can save the data from your phone on to the local hard drive and select the file to restore when required. It allows you to back up contacts, messages, applications, music, images and videos. We tested the backup/restore feature and it worked without a glitch. You can select the folder you want to save the backup files and also name the file. By default it uses the date as the name of the file. Mobogenie also provides the option to install .apk files from your PC on to your phone.


Under Mobile Phone Management, you will find the options to manage your contacts, SMS, apps, music, pictures and videos. You can access your contact book; it lets you to add, edit or delete contacts. If you had been grappling with the issue of duplicate contacts, then from here you can simply select duplicate contacts and delete them in one go. You can also view your text messages, click on the individual SMS and on the right it will open up the entire conversation. If you wish, you can also reply to an SMS from your PC. Managing the apps also becomes easy, as it also lets add and delete apps. And if you have 2G data plan on your phone, then you will benefit from the fact that Mobogenie provides you with the option to update the apps installed on your phone using your PC’s Internet connection. From here, you can also move the apps to the SD card. Similarly, you can manage music, pictures and videos.

Another useful feature is the bundled YouTube downloader. Click on the YouTube tab and it will open YouTube site within the suite. You can browse for videos, just as you would on YouTube. You can save a video that you like on your device by clicking on download. It will show you the available video formats and you can choose between them. You can then access the video on your phone. This will save you from the cumbersome task of first downloading the video to your PC and then transferring it to your device. However, do keep in mind that downloading videos from YouTube is illegal.

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one can download the official application from below link.




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