Motorola unveils Android Wear Moto 360 Sleek Smartwatch


We’ve seen a handful of smartwatches launch in the last year, although none of them have sold in huge numbers. However, the idea is starting to gain some traction with a second generation of Samsung watches and a much more attractive Pebble. Now, Google is throwing its hat into the ring with Android Wear. This is a typically Google approach to a new market — rather than design its own singular device with narrow compatibility like Samsung, Android Wear is a platform for OEMs to innovate and build wearables using the best features of Android. For this reason, Android Wear might finally get smartwatches right.

Almost perfectly timed with Google’s Android Wear announcement, Motorola has laid out its new smart watch plans. The Moto 360 is a round smart watch running on Android Wear that you will be able to actually purchase this summer. I know, this seems like the future all of a sudden.

Interwebs are being inundated with the new hardware images of Motorola’s sleek Android Wear. Going to be available in Summer, Moto 360 looks like a modern smartwatch rather than those gadgety-looking smartwatches giving us robotic feel.

Motorola was sold to Lenovo after Google kept it for only three years, and that too for some $10 billion less! With this latest news, Motorola has proved that it is going to stay in smart mobile market with some added zing.

Android Wear Moto 360 looks simply a digitized version of a contemporary wristwatch. Moto 360 carries all the power of Android Wear and will be reportedly available in a plethora of styles. While detailed specs are not known yet, Motorola is having a press hangout tomorrow to address questions and let public know more about this beautifully designed smartwatch.


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