NOKIA LUMIA – 1st ever dual-sim lumia coming soon as a Moneypenny


Dual SIM smartphones are not new to the market, but Dual SIM windows smartphones are certainly a new thing in the market. Today images of one such smartphone running Windows Phone OS from Nokia has surfaced online. The device is purportedly known as Nokia Moneypenny, the name inspired from Bond movies. It is expected that this could be the Lumia 630 smartphone.

The shot, from @evleaks, shows the dual-SIM home screen of a Windows Phone device. As you can see there are not only two signal bars with 3G connections, but also two separate phone and messaging tiles for each. Apparently this is the Nokia Lumia Moneypenny device.

It’s notable that there is no third line off apps, which comes with the larger home screen of the latest Windows Phone 8 OS. This would suggest the Lumia Moneypenny will be a lower end device running a slightly dated version of Windows Phone. But it does appear to be able to support at least up to 3G on both SIMS.

A mid-range Android smartphone with dual-SIM functionality is available for less than Rs.8,000 in India.Therefore, it is a challenge in front of Nokia to price the phone accordingly.

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