OnePlus will launch 4K OLED ‘Smart Android TV’ in September, will be available in sizes from 43 to 75 inches

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OnePlus is now planning to enter the smart TV segment as well. OnePlus is known worldwide for making great flagship smartphones. That’s why customers are eagerly waiting for OnePlus TV.

China’s premium smartphone maker Oneplus has completed preparations to enter the smart TV segment and will launch Smart TV in the Indian market next month under the name Oneplus TV. The company announced the name of its smart TV on Wednesday, it has been named Oneplus TV. The company has released the name and logo of its smart TV device on its online platform.

The company had already given information about launching its smart TV. Along with this, the company is trying to expand its portfolio. However, no information has been revealed about TV. But it is being said that OnePlus Smart TV can be introduced soon.

The company said in its statement that the global smart technology company is constantly challenging traditional technology concepts. OnePlus is an extension of the ‘Never Settle’ mentality of the TV brand. OnePlus TV will offer smart capabilities with the company’s Burden-Less design philosophy, providing consumers with seamless and connected experiences.

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According to a report, the company can launch this smart TV in late September. At present, this news has not been confirmed. So how long will OnePlus’ smart TV knock in the market. Nothing can be said about this now.

The company said that it is committed to a connected home environment and will continue to upgrade OnePlus TV. OnePlus announced a year ago to enter the smart TV market.

According to a report, according to a recent filing with Bluetooth SIG, OnePlus TV will run on Android and will have LED panels between 43 and 75 inches in size.

The company has launched OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro mobile phones a few days ago. However, now information is also coming out that the company will soon unveil the upgrade variants of OnePlus.

The company’s CEO Pet Lou has announced to make OnePlus TV available in the market in September 2019. It is clear from the BIS listing that the upcoming OnePlus TV will have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 standard. The OnePlus TV will feature a Bluetooth remote and connectivity features.

But it is believed that the company can launch the T Pro variant of the latest phone OnePlus 7 on October 15. In the last few days, smartphone companies have entered the market of smart TV. Chinese brand Honor has also recently introduced its first smart TV range.

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OnePlus TV will have 4K HDR support, Android operating system, premium design and better software which will further improve the visual experience. OnePlus TV will be launched on Amazon in India and will provide a well-integrated Internet experience. It is also expected that OnePlus TV will come with an AI-enabled voice assistant with Alexa or Google Assistant.

The company is looking to capitalize on a big market like India in view of the demand for smart TV, because in the past, Xiaomi’s smart TV has made a good hold among Indian customers. No official details have been received about when OnePlus will launch its Smart TV in India.

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