Overade – Foldable bike Helmet by agency 360


The main reason why urban cyclists take the risk of not wearing a helmet is the inconvenience of carrying it when not on the bike. Starting from this issue, Overade developed and patented a very innovative folding helmet permitting to store it very easily but without forgetting comfort and security. Smart and easy to use, the helmet folds and unfolds in seconds. A great innovation that will make it essential for urban cyclists.

‘overade’ is a foldable unisex helmet, designed by patrick jouffret of french design studio agency 360 in collaboration with engineer philippe arrouart. the device provides as much protection as a standard bicycle helmet but folds up to a compact, easily transportable size when not in use. small enough to slip into a purse or backpack, the design aims to address the low percentage of urban bicyclists who utilize helmets.

image_Overade_039 Overade-Helmet-2over1

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