Panasonic Futuristic OLED ‘invisible TV’ which turns into Transparent glass When It’s Turned Off


Today me and my team stumbled across an amazing piece of technology this is a transparent window or a glass which is filled with LED lighting and enables you to turn it into a television / monitor now this is absolutely insane and it has so much potential for all household  items you could use it for a safe and hiding something behind it perhaps or even just as decoration.


Panasonic has just showcased the upgraded version of its invisible TV. The newer, brighter, crystal clear display turns completely transparent when switched off. Panasonic showed off how this TV can easily accommodated as a glass panel of a cabinet.

A new invention from tech giant Panasonic turns a standard Television screen into a transparent glass in a flick of a second. Panasonic reported that it has swapped out the LED screen for a new OLED display for this invisible television that doesn’t need a backlight to give it a picture.It looks like an ordinary sheet of glass until it’s turned on and the high definition picture shimmers into view.

According to media reports Panasonic originally showed off the technology at CES in Las Vegas some time back, but the company’s engineers say the latest version of their invisible television looks even more transparent when switched off, and brighter when switched on. The primary reason for changing the display was that Panasonic wasn’t happy with the transparency of the previous screen.

One of the most important aspect is that the screen uses the latest OLED (organic light-emitting diode) technology, where each pixel lights itself (rather than being lit from behind). Traditionally, OLED panels put a thin layer of plastic between two electrodes on top of a glass slab. Because of this, when the electric signal disappears, the slab can look virtually transparent. OLED technology consumes very less power so that it is advisable to use panels like this which are very thin. Eventually, From last couple of years technology comapnies are aiming to develop flexible OLED screens that you can bend or even roll away

Panasonic isn’t the only tech company that’s experimenting with a futuristic tellly but comapanies like Samsung, LG, Sony are also continuously developing and innovating in this space for example LG has a TV screen that’s able to roll up like a newspaper

Unfortunately, despite the progress they’re making, it looks like it won’t be ready to buy for another three years or so, according to company representatives. But that might actually be a good thing – it’ll give us some time to save up for it.

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