QBracelet a hidden battery charging gadget – that will charge your smartphone


QBracelet is a minimalist wristband that can give smartphones extra power when there’s no available outlet.

The jewelry piece takes the form of a single band available in silver, gold or black that is able to easily clip on and off the wrist. When unclipped, the bracelet reveals a USB or Apple Lightning charger, connected to a battery inside that can provide up to 60 percent extra charge to the average smartphone. The lightweight device is designed primarily as a stylish wristband, but offers convenient charging in any situation. The bracelet can even remain connected during phone calls without making the phone awkward to hold.

With smartphone capacity becoming more powerful and our time spent glued to those devices becoming more invaluable, the market has been crying out for a charger that’s easy to take on the move – and that’s where the QBracelet comes in.

The metallic wrist piece can not only look fairly good on your person but plug straight into your smartphone – meaning no fidgety wires and having to run into a Starbucks for a plug socket – and top it up with an extra 60 per cent of juice, thus defeating one of the biggest day-to-day irritants of them all.

You can pre-order the QBracelet for a release later in the year for £55. Though if you have the big bucks and less time on your hands, why not have done with it and buy the self-charging phone?

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