Samsung Galaxy Note 10 to be Official Launched on August 7 in NYC

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Apart from the upcoming Google Pixel 4 and Apple iPhone XI, we have Samsung’s big flagship is on its way to get launched in couple of months. The new Galaxy Note 10 has been confirmed to launch on August 7,2019. Samsung has already posted a teaser video for its next Unpacked event which will be taking place at 4PM EST in New York City.

It is being said that Samsung will have a total of four devices at the event. These are rumoured to be the Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10+, and 5G variants of both. There have been a bunch of leaks in the past including the premium Note 10+ model, which has also been referred to as the Note 10 Pro.

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Leaked reports are coming out from Samsung for the past several months, but now the company has confirmed itself on the launch date of the Galaxy Note 10. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 will be launched on August 7, 2019. Samsung has also released a video teaser about the launch of the phone. This event from Samsung will be held from 7 pm in New York’s Barclays Center on August 7.

It is being said that Samsung’s unpacked event can launch 4 smartphones in 2019, including a Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Plus and 5G versions of these two phones. Earlier, a recent photo of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus was also revealed, which was also called the Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

Specifications of Samsung Galaxy Note 10

According to the leaked reports so far, the Galaxy Note 10 has a 6.3-inch dynamic amoled display, which has a punch hole on the top. Reports say that the Galaxy Note 10 will have Triple Rear camera setup. Plus, the phone will also have a 25-watt fast charger with headphone jack. However, it is being said that the phone will not get memory card support.

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At the same time, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus is being said that this phone will have a 6.7 inch dynamic amoled display and the punch hole has been given just like the Galaxy Note 10. This phone will get triple rear camera like the Galaxy Note 10, though it will not find headphone jack.

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