Samsung galaxy S6 expected to launch on 1st March 2015 – at Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona

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After the release of Samsung Galaxy S5 the excitement towards the future generation Galaxy S smartphone is spreading like fire because Samsung hinted that they may use the flexible display for the first time in the smartphone. But since the past couple of months lots of things has been revealed for next generation Galaxy smartphone and on other hand Galaxy S5 is criticised by the people because of its design but let us tell you that it is one of the best optimized, efficient and fast gadget Samsung ever manufactured. Also, it’s display has win the tag of “best display smartphone” as it is really efficient and better in rendering. And the good news for Galaxy S6 followers is that, Samsung might bring it in the month of  March 2015.

The South Korean electronics giant will host an event at the Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona on March 1 at 6:30 p.m. local time.

This year’s Unpacked event is a vital one for Samsung. The company is expected to unveil its newest smartphone, the Galaxy S6, as well as new wearables. It may also show off a new mobile payments system and other services or software features. The all-black invitation from Samsung reads “What’s Next” and hints at a curved device.

Samsung really needs a hit. Last year’s Galaxy S5 — which looked nearly identical to the earlier Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S3 — largely flopped with consumers, causing Samsung’s sales and market share to tumble. It also has struggled to attract hordes of buyers with its Gear line of wearables. Apple’s bigger screen iPhones — the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus — have put more pressure on Samsung and it’s also struggling to compete with newcomers such as Chinese vendor Xiaomi.

Samsung has not disclosed actual Galaxy S5 sales, but sources familiar with the company’s plans told The Wall Street Journal that Samsung sold 40 percent fewer of the big-screen Galaxy S5 smartphones than expected.

In the fourth quarter, Apple pulled even with Samsung in the smartphone market, with both controlling 20 percent of the sector. Apple’s share rose from 18 percent a year earlier while Samsung’s tumbled from 30 percent. The South Korean company has been steadily losing share over the past year, and it’s at risk of ceding its position as the world’s biggest smartphone and mobile phone vendor.

Now that Apple has large-screen smartphones, Samsung no longer can use that feature as a key selling point. Instead, it’s turning to other characteristics to attract buyers. That includes using curved screens in its devices — such as in the Note Edge smartphone and Gear S smartwatch — and experimenting with new materials, such as metal. It also has been paring back on the amount of bloatware it preloads on its devices.

The Galaxy S6 is believed to come in at least two versions, including a regular smartphone and a phone with a screen that curves along one like the larger Galaxy Note Edge, or even along two sides. Samsung also is expected to introduce an all-metal design in its Galaxy smartphone line for the first time. The company in prior generations opted for plastic, allowing it to keep down the cost of the devices and include a removable battery.

Samsung also may show off a round smartwatch and a payments service similar to Apple Pay.

Leaked specification

– sock proof

– water proof smartphone.

– faster LTE chip for 4G.

– Device might have 5.5 inch screen with 4GB of RAM.

–  Flash on secondary camera, for a perfect selfie phone.

– S6 to be the first Android smartphone to have 64-bit Snapdragon 810 that supports 4G LTE Advanced Cat 6.

–  2K UHD display

–  20MP

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