Sony reveals Gigantic 63ft Wide 16K ‘super resolution’ Television longer than than a Bus

Sony reveals Gigantic 63ft Wide 16K 'super resolution' Television longer than than a Bus

The ‘super resolution’ 63 feet TV was unveiled in Japan. The TV is to be installed at a state-of-the-art research centre in Yokohama. Sony Electronics has showcased the biggest display of its kind and features 16 times the amount of pixels found in a 4K television.

Currently this year we have seen television displays and screens as much as 8K resolution unveiled and in a rather familiar move by the Japanese tech giant, Sony has jumped onto a bandwagon by showing off a huge 16K resolution display in Japan. To get a better idea, the 16K panel features 16 times as many pixels found in a 4K Ultra High Definition Television Screens and as much as 64 times the amount of pixels found in a typical 1080p TV. To simplify this, it means that it can display a lot more detail than anything that’s available as of now in this world.

As per a report by the BBC, when Sony displays it, users will get to view content on this screen without any blurring even though its size is larger than a bus.

An industry expert speaking on the launch of the event commented that it will take ages for the 16K technology to be easily and economically viable and feasible in consumer products.

Apart from having an ultra-crisp display, it is also absolutely gigantic measuring 63-feet by 17-feet and is being installed at a research and development center that’s being built for Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics brand in the city of Yokohama. The television is said to be so large that it will stretch between the first and second floors.

While the recently announced 8K display from Samsung utilized a single display, this model from Sony is made using multiple modular panels. Since they are bezelless, the modular panels are put together to give off the impression that it’s a singular screen.

Sony has often defined the technology used in this television as Crystal LED which is the company’s branding for micro-LED display technology. The LED used in this 16K display does not require a back-light but it’s still brighter than conventional OLED displays yet being able to achieve richer blacks.

Sony also produced content for this display by making 16K footage of wildlife since practically very little 16K footage currently available on the planet.

At present, the high manufacturing costs would not enable this display to be made available for major commercial use; but for now, Sony is making lower resolution Crystal LED displays for use in Retail showrooms, shopping malls, auditoriums, car showrooms, cinemas and theme parks.

The new Sony TV is not just gigantic but also simply better than anything they (or anyone else) has ever created before. It is almost like the perfect TV, except that it is a little too big for all of us to have inside our homes.

Great, that’s the new TV sorted then! Makes me wonder, at what point do TVs become more detailed than the thing they’re displaying actually is in real life?

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