HTC One M9 – is it a repetition or a innovation ???

After months of speculation and leaks, HTC is finally ready to show the world its latest flagship, the One M9. Sorry to disappoint, but those leaks were, for the most part, spot on. As they suggested, there’s no major change in terms [...]

Google Chromebook Pixel 2 – expected soon

It’s been two years since Google launched the Chromebook Pixel, a high-end laptop with a high-resolution display, a speedy processor, premium build quality, and a $1299 starting price. Now the company is getting ready to launch a second-generation [...]

Sony’s new Xperia™ E4 – large screen with two days battery backup

New Delhi: Sony Mobile has unveiled Xperia E4, a new addition to its Xperia range of smartphones. The latest Sony smartphone has a 2300mAh battery that the company claims can last for two days. Users can activate Battery Stamina mode to optimise [...]

Smartphone 100% battery charges in 30 seconds with StoreDot’s Bio-Organic Battery

Phone makers have increased battery capacities over the last few years, but the rise of Full HD displays and other power hungry components means that battery life is still a daily concern for most of us. If you can’t increase battery capacity, [...]

Innovative keychain with Laser Projection Keyboard

This keychain fun functions as a Bluetooth keyboard — great for using your tablet on-the-go without having to carry around a bulky keyboard or having to deal with the on-screen version. very innovative product, you can use it anywhere. Revolutionary [...]

Innovative LED keyboard with inbuilt you-tube video player – don’t you think to buy one for your self???

Now the current world is world of technology, people can live without food but living without computer, mobile, internet or simply we can say living without technology is much more difficult aspect of our life. many out of us are working on [...]

free phone-charging solar Powered stations installed in New York city – do you love to see them in your city ????

AT&T installed  a pilot project of solar-powered charging stations across all five of New York City’s boroughs where the public can charge phones, tablets and other devices for free. AT&T said the project, dubbed AT&T [...]