Toshiba launches 18 new laptops – expanding its Satellite series range


Toshiba Introduces Satellite P series in HD and full HD screens with HDMI 4K output specification.

Japanese technology giant Toshiba launched 18 new devices as part of Satellite range of laptops aimed at business professionals and the youth.

They sport HD and Full HD displays, better speakers and HDMI 4K output for all round performance, Toshiba said in a statement. The price ranges from Rs 21,736 to Rs 76,660.

“We are continuing to push the envelope on innovation to give our customers faster, more powerful and smarter laptops,” Toshiba India Country Head DS Division Sanjay Warke said, adding that Toshiba will cover every need gap in the market.

Toshiba India PC Business – DS Division Vice President (Sales and Marketing) Sivakumar said the new products are thinner and lighter with a high-quality durable design.

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