Uber allows free calls between passengers and drivers through VoIP inside the application

Uber allows free calls between passengers and drivers through VoIP inside the application

Uber application in India is now allowing commuters or passengers to make free calls to the cab-drivers. The application previously used to give the call feature to the users but the passengers had to make calls through their mobile phone collection, but now the application has rolled out unique feature that is VoIP based call feature for the Indian travellers. To recall, the feature was introduced in other countries for Uber back in October 2018, but now it is being rolled out on a pan india level. The VoIP based function will mean that the call will be made over the internet from the Uber app, thus it will protect the mobile number and indentity of the customer. Another advantage of this application feature would be, that the call charges won’t be deducted from the rider’s mobile phone account. Much similar to the passengers, the Uber drivers will also get this facility thus allowing them to communicate with their passengers easily. On Saturday Uber launch this feature acroos the nation for the first time.

As per the scenario when you want to make a call to your driver, then after you book the cab, you can tap on the calling button. A pop-up screen will allow you to choose between mobile phone network and VoIP to make the call, choose the Free Call option from the app. The Uber app will now ask you to grant permission for using the microphone of the device. Tap on ‘Allow’. Once the call begins, you will be able to see the name of your driver on screen, along with it you can also see various options like speaker, mute and end call button. Another thing to note is that when you make a call to your driver using the Uber Free Call option, your name or number and the caller identity will only show “Uber” and nothing else will be disclosed.The same will be the option for you and when the driver calls you via the Free Call feature.

This new feature by Uber has couple of advantages and benefits. First it is also advisable of keeping the numbers of riders and drivers hidden. The app will also increase the convenience of booking a taxi as now drivers or passengers will be able to communicate without even leaving the Uber application. Additionally, the best thing that if you are travelling out of country and if you do not have a mobile phone connection then the Free Call feature will allow you to make calls when you are connected to Wi-Fi. Also, Uber users should keep in mind that although the feature is being rolled, the standard calling functionality will remain as an option in the application.

With the rollout of the new Free Call feature by Uber, there has also been some questions been raised about Uber is intercepting and listening to the calls between drivers and passengers. The access to the microphone gives a doubt that Uber can be listening to the conversations. Some drivers also reported that they were unaware of the new change and did not pick up the calls thinking that it was someone from the company calling them.

However, even though the VoIP feature has started in India, Uber still allows users to make cellular-network based voice calls. The VoIP is available only for Uber cab service, and not for other Uber services.


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