World’s 1st PHONE Turing Phone Cadenza has Dual Qualcomm Snapdragon 830,12 GB RAM,60 MP Camera, 1 TB Storage

Turing Robotics Industries (TRI) has just unveiled a new super smart phone that comes with powerful specifications. Dubbed as Turing Phone Cadenza, it is powered by two Snapdragon 830s processors not one.

The phone comes with two 6GB RAM modules (12GB RAM) and offers 1 Tetra Byte of storage with two 256Gb memory chips for on board memory, and an additional 500GB available through micro-SD card slots. It comes with “VoiceOn” technology, which will turn your phone on and off with voice commands. Voice can also be used for bio-metric authentication, as against a retina scanner or a fingerprint scanner.

One of the strange thing is that the phone does not have a USB port and absolutely no headphone jack and the phone is built with Liquidmorphium, which is stronger than steel and also great for manufacturing. The Phone can only be activated through a high security fingerprint scanner and try to keep third party elements out of the phone reach as much as possible so that phone is designed to be unhackable in all areas. The Phone software is also custom made with few home screens but makers are arguing that it will overtake on Android devices in interface use.


Key Specifications  of Turing Phone Cadenza

It come with Quite Big Screen of 5.8 inches so that phone users get more pleasing experience like Reading, Browsing and surfing internet, watching videos and taking awesome selfies.

It comes with IPS LCD, Multi-touch like it give more crystal clear pictures and videos like gives more realistic and natural colors and also performs better in bright day sunlight as compared to LCD displays.

It has not one but two 2 Snapdragon 830 SoCs processor which boosts productivity, efficiency and processing so that users get more output and increased battery life.

It has 16 Kryo core Processor which helps in multi tasking without slowing down the phone performance and interface.

It has massive 12 GB RAM which means it helps in loading and executing applications much more faster.

It has Dual Adreno 540 Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) which boosts processing of 3D Games and High Definition Videos.

It comes with Dual SIM Card so that users can use multiple SIM cards at the same time.

It comes with 60 Mega Pixel Rear Camera with higher resolution on a larger screen mobiles and 20 Mega Pixel Flash Front Camera which offers bright selfies even in low light.

It has 4K resolution which is designed for designers like digital cinema and computer graphics.

It has massive 512 GB storage capacity which helps in providing more internal storage like for installing more apps and storing more songs. images, videos etc. Additionally it also supports memory cards like it can expand upto 500 GB.

It has good battery life like 4000 mAh which is really needed for processor and Operating system.

It supports 4G Network and VoLTE technology which helps in better audio and video calling and fast Internet experience.

It also supports GPS, Wi-fi, FM Radio, Bluetooth.

It’s pretty tough to guess the price of premium Turing Phone Cadenza, but then also it will be somewhat near 800$ to 1000$

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