World’s First – transparent smartphone and USB stick by polytron

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taiwanese group polytron have introduced their latest glass innovation – working in conjunction with a fully ‘transparent smartphone’. as the demonstration is purely seen in its prototyped form – the technology showcases the possibilities of the application. at the moment, the components within the device are completely functional, with the exclusion of an operating system – as its main goal is showcase the early stages of hardware integration.the current transparent smartphone integrates the use of two small batteries to power the various electronics, an LED screen, camera, speaker and a microphone.

Polytron has been showing off a prototype smartphone with components within the device that are fully functional. However, there is no software running on the prototype. At present, the U.S.-based Polytronix’s subsidiary company, the Polytron, displays only the early stages of hardware integration.

Polytron is expecting the current smartphone users would want to build products with its special glass.

On the other hand, not all components are transparent. The batteries, camera, and memory cards are not transparent. Eventually, the company would cover the visible components with a darker material.

Polytron Technologies, on the other hand, will soon introduce a transparent USB memory stick that the company has produced. The USB stick will be available in 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB.

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