Xiaomi Launches New Digital Thermometer called “MIJIA” priced 3 Dollars

Xiaomi intoduces Electronic Thermometer. The Xiaomi Chinese electronics and software organization propelled in India Electronic Thermometer with new prospects. The Chinese tech monster has discharged yet another thermometer yet this time it is an ultra-cheap product dubbed Seconds-test medical electronic thermometer Mijia custom version.

Contrasted with the customary mercury clinical thermometer, the new Mi advanced thermometer does not contain mercury, it is altogether computerized. In this manner, there won’t be any requirement for clients to make a fuss over harm caused by glass breakage or mercury spillage.

The device is likewise produced utilizing restorative review materials and has experienced stringent bio-similarity tests. All these are to guarantee that the materials are sheltered and innocuous to the human body.

The Xiaomi Electronic thermometer in White shading 19.9 yuan (US$ 3.17/Rs. 206.) – accessible now on Amazon Indian.

High affectability thermometer detects body temperature changes of 0.1-degree Celsius.

Doesn’t have mercury so it isn’t destructive to nature and can be utilized for oral and underarm estimations.

Detection is waterproof and is easy to clean.

0.74-inch LCD screen shows the temperature obviously so that even old individuals can read the intense letters.

Once the temperature is recorded, a signal demonstrates it is done and the ‘M’ image demonstrates the past temperature recorded for simple reference of progress in temperature.

Interesting battery cover configuration makes the battery more secure to keep kids from opening it.

Automatically switches off when not being used for over 5 minutes, to spare the battery.

Measurement range – 32 to 42-degree Celsius; Ambient temperature – 5 to 40-degree Celsius.

Uses CR1220 Coin cell.

Xiaomi has launched two new headphones recently. The Mi Bluetooth earphones and Mi Dual-Unit semi-in-ear headphones are extensions of the existing series of earphones from the company, whereas the thermometer is a first in its lineup.

The company did recently launched the smart Mi Body Composition Scale that measures BMI, body fat, water and more priced at Rs 1,999 in India.

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