Xiaomi’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’ Shoes Powered by Intel Chip

Xiaomi has been continuously expanding its portfolio of products and services to cater more and more its customer needs. As per the reports it has launched new innovative smart wear. Chinese Technology giant Xiaomi has recently launched ‘Smart Shoes’ named ‘90 Minutes Ultra Smart running shoes’. The smart shoes have been developed by Rumni Technology and are powered by Intel Curie chip. This allows the shoes to record fitness data of the wearer like the calories burnt, distance covered and more. This Ultra Smart Shoes are reportedly focused on professional runners and athletes. This is the first smart shoe launched by Xiaomi which comes with inbuilt button size chip, Intel Curie which is very low in weight.

The site mentions the availability of Xiaomi’s ’90 Minutes Ultra Smart Sportswear’ shoes starting from April 15. The pre-booking for the shoes can be done at 299 Yuan equivalent to 44$ or 41€ or Rs 3,000 which will have an amazing battery life which will enable the shoes to track all your movements walking or running, even climbing. After recording each data it will give you a brief report of Time, distance traveled, your average speed and calories burned. This Smart Shoes will have air cushions, anti-skid features, soles with an arch design and antibacterial insoles. This Brilliant shoes are very good for fitness and workout. The ankles and heel of the shoes also contain a soft velvet composite SBR (high-elastic styrene-butadiene rubber) which helps stabilize the fit of the shoes and prevent them from slipping off. Smart Shoes will be offered to men with color options like Black and Surf Blue and specially Pink color would be for women. They also have special Blue color with glowing feature in Dark to attract Night runners.

 I have to say that Xiaomi Ultra Smart Shoes is the one of the best product launched by Xiaomi in advance tech. 

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